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Internet Services

Website Hosting:
Need a place to park your site? Why not have it hosted at Syncromedia. Hosting fees start at $35 per month for 5 Gigabytes of bandwidth per month and 250 Megabytes of disk spaces. More than enough for the needs of a small business. This price also includes up to 10 email accounts for your domain name and monthly minor updates and changes to your site.

Our computers run on the Linux platform, using the Apache server. This combination has proven itself as a top performer with minimal downtime.

Website Design:
Need a website? Syncromedia can help! Whether you need a simple site or a more robust site with full database connectivity, we can design a site to meet your needs. Prices vary depending on design and complexity. Contact us today for a quote.

Our Design Philosophy:
How many times have you tried to connect to site only to be asked to download something or to be patient while it loads? Frustrating - isn't it! Too often, designers add the latest bells and whistles, or try to put everything on a page. This slows down the page loading time and alienates users who haven't upgraded to the latest browser.

Our philosophy is: Keep it quick and simple. The user wants to quickly find the information he or she is looking for. The simpler it is to navigate through site and the faster the pages load, the happier the user will be. Everything on the page should be there for a reason.

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